To the Sky please...

Imagine... a place for neighbours, friends, and family to gather that overlooks the banks of the Superior, downtown Thunder Bay, and a resting Sleeping Giant.

A place to feel the warm breeze of the sun glide upon the relaxing Giant while overlooking the great Superior. The SkyVUE Lounge is placed on the summit of VUE on the Water condominiums to create an ambiance of energy, liveliness, and relaxation... this is where VUE condo lifestyle living is brought to life!

The SkyVUE lounge sets the bar with its creative design and several amenities that include, a generous living room area perfect for entertaining, a grand fireplace to curl up to that is complimented with the backdrop of the Sleeping Giant, and to top it off a luxurious kitchen that will give you the opportunity to wine and dine guests! All the more exciting is the spacious roof top patio that can be enjoyed with a glass of wine on a warm summer's night!

So whether it's a romantic dinner date, gathering of friends for a night on the town, or enjoying a book on the roof top patio...The SkyVUE Lounge has whatever you desire!

I'll meet you at the Beach...

Envision... throwing on your workout gear at your convenience and getting into the shape while starring out at the scenic calming lake of the Superior and the natural beauty of Thunder Bay's wilderness. The BeachVUE gym can provide you that and more! Whether you are looking to weight-train, cycle, run, or meet up with neighbours to polish up on your yoga skills, The BeachVUE will bring working out and staying healthy right to your door!

See you at the Beach – you won't be sore-y!

Resolve Group Inc